The Performance Accountability Report provides an overview of the Denali Commission’s financial and performance data.  This report is intended to inform Congress, the President and the public of the use of taxpayer resources by the Commission.

2012 Performance Accountability Report

Annual Performance Report (APR) Fiscal Year 2012

Agency Financial Report (AFR) Fiscal Year 2012

Summary of Performance and Financial Information Fiscal Year 2012

2011 Performance Accountability Report

Summary of Performance and Financial Information Fiscal Year 2011

2010 Performance Accountability Report

APR and FPR Fiscal Year 2010

Summary of Performance and Financial Information Fiscal year 2010

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An annual federal financial audit of the Denali Commission serves to ensure that the financial statements are accurate and conform to federal government accounting principles. In addition, the audit determines whether or not internal controls in financial reporting mechanisms are adequate and functional.

2013 Audit

2012 Audit

2011 Audit

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Budget Justification

A Budget Justification report of the Denali Commission detailing the specifics behind the proposed budget for the following fiscal year is produced annually. The report serves to demonstrate good stewardship of taxpayer dollars while meeting the critical needs of Alaska within the goals of the Administration.

2015 Budget justification

2014 Budget justification

2013 Budget justification

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