Backhaul Services

The Denali Commission (Commission) and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) entered into an Interagency Agreement to support the development and implementation of a household hazardous waste backhaul service program for rural Alaska. The provision of coordinated services to support rural community backhaul aligns with the Commission’s mission to promote rural infrastructure and development in Alaska and EPA’s mission to protect human health and the environment.

Information regarding backhaul grant opportunities, answers to frequently asked questions, or other information will be posted here.

Question 1: Does eligibility documentation for a Tribal Consortia count toward the Appendices 20 page limit?

Answer 1: Oftentimes the collection of documents that demonstrate the authorization of a Intertribal Consortia as a partnership of member tribes can be quite lengthy. Please reference these documents within the application and attach the documentation as a separate zipped file titled Applicant Eligibility Docs. This documentation will not count against the 20 page appendix limit.

You may contact Janet Davis, Grants Management Officer, for administrative questions at, (907) 271-1414 or (907) 271-3036.  Program related questions may be directed to Jocelyn Fenton, Program Manager,, (907) 271-1414 or (907) 271-4714.