The Denali Commission, in partnership with the Department of Justice, is implementing a Tribal Victims of Crime Micro-Grant Program.

The micro-grants will fund Alaska Native Tribal communities to establish new programs and allow current Tribal victim service providers to fill system gaps, expand existing services, and/or develop new services. All funded programs must provide supports for those who have experienced crimes of any type. Services eligible under this program include the following:

  • Planning activities for new programs (needs assessments and strategic plans),
  • Awareness campaigns about resources available to victims,
  • Direct services to meet victim’s needs,
  • Victim advocates,
  • Shelter services,
  • Training on victims’ rights,
  • Culturally appropriate services for crime victims, and/or
  • Repair and renovations to existing infrastructure directly related to victim services.

Micro-grantees will have access to the Alaska Micro-Grant Training and Technical Assistance Provider