Tribal Victims of Crime Notice of Funding Opportunity

The Tribal Victims of Crime Notice of Funding Opportunity will fund Tribal Communities to develop services for victims of crimes.  All grantees will conduct a planning process to implement a wide-range of services including behavioral health, telemedicine, and building renovations. Communities may apply for up to $350,000 for a two-year period of performance. Applications are due September 15, 2020 and the application package may be downloaded here

Alaska Tribes and Tribal Consortia may use the micro-grants for a wide range of programs, activities, and services to victims of crime. These may include:

  • Conducting a victim services needs assessment;
  • Developing a strategic plan to create a victim assistance program;
  • Developing a victim assistance program; expanding services provided to victims;
  • Expanding populations served; and/or
  • Expanding types of crime addressed.

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