Roadbelt Intertie Project

About the Project

The Denali Commission is currently assessing the technical feasibility of and cost for new electric transmission lines along the road system in east Alaska. The proposed intertie would complete an electric loop from Anchorage to Glennallen to Tok to Fairbanks. Results of this high-level preliminary study will be published in a Roadbelt Intertie Engineering Reconnaissance Report. This project supports the Commission’s mission of promoting rural development, with a focus on infrastructure needs.

The analysis includes connections to Fort Greely, Chitina Hydro, and Valdez and upgrades to existing segments of the electric transmission system from Glennallen to Valdez, Delta Junction to Fairbanks, and along the Parks Highway. Some portions of the proposed intertie have been studied previously; however, no comprehensive system studies have been performed.

In response to stakeholder interest, the project looks to achieve the following goals:

  • Reduce power costs for rural communities along the proposed route.
  • Support regional economic development opportunities.
  • Increase Department of Defense facility resilience.
  • Provide critical redundancy throughout the road system, increasing reliability and reducing long term costs.

Project Study Area

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Outreach + Engagement

The project team will coordinate with technical stakeholders, such as utilities and potential customers, to determine appropriate future load scenarios and other key design assumptions.

If the project moves forward, route selection and a range of opportunities for public input, including public meetings or other forums, would occur during future design phase(s).

Project Timeline

Questions? More Information? Feedback?

If you have questions about the project or seek more information, please contact the Denali Commission Project Staff: