Rural Alaska village

Denali Commission Story

Introduced by Congress in 1998, the Denali Commission is an independent federal agency designed to provide critical utilities, infrastructure, and economic support throughout Alaska. With the creation of the Denali Commission, Congress acknowledged the need for increased inter-agency cooperation and focus on Alaska’s remote communities. The Denali Commission Strategic Plan FY2018-2022 outlines the Commissioners’ vision for agency investments over the next five years.


  • 2017 Distressed/Non-Distressed List - The 2017 “Distressed” Community Criteria prepared by the Alaska Department of Labor for the Denali Commission is now available online. Please contact the Denali Commission at 907.271.1414 with any questions.
  • Mertarvik DEIS 2017 - Mertarvik Draft Environmental Impact Statement The Denali Commission announces the availability for review and comment of the draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS) for Infrastructure Development at Mertarvik, Alaska. This notice of availability is being provided to agencies, organizations, and the interested public. Read full statement >>>