Meet the Commissioners

The Denali Commission Act of 1998 establishes that the Commission is composed of seven members appointed by the Secretary of Commerce to create the proposed annual work plan for the Denali Commission. Many of these Commissioners additionally serve as part of the Commission’s Advisory Bodies. These Commissioners represent perspectives throughout Alaska and include the Governor of the State of Alaska; the Presidents of the University of Alaska, Alaska Municipal League, Alaska Federation of Natives, AFL-CIO Alaska, Associated General Contractors of Alaska; and the Federal Co-Chair of the Denali Commission.


John Torgerson, Interim Federal Co-Chair, Denali Commission

Phone: 907-271-1414

Mr. John Torgerson serves as the Interim Federal Co-Chair for the Denali Commission and in that position acts as meeting chair during Commission meetings. Mr. Torgerson also serves as Chair of the Transportation Advisory Committee.

State Co-Chair: Vacant

Siira Gray

Siira Gray, Executive Director, Associated General Contractors of Alaska

Phone: 907-561-5354

Ms. Siira Gray serves as a Commissioner representing the Associated General Contractors of Alaska.

julie kitka

Julie E. Kitka, President, Alaska Federation of Natives

Phone: 907-274-3611

Ms. Julie Kitka serves as a Commissioner representing the Alaska Federation of Natives.


Nils Andreassen, Executive Director, Alaska Municipal League

Phone: 907-586-1325

Mr. Nils Andreassen serves as a Commissioner representing the Alaska Municipal League.


Dr. Jim Johnsen, President, University of Alaska

Phone: 907-450-8009

Dr. Jim Johnsen serves as a Commissioner representing the University of Alaska.

vince beltrami

Vince Beltrami, Executive President, Alaska Afl-Cio

Phone: 907-258-6284

Mr. Vince Beltrami serves as a Commissioner representing the Alaska AFL-CIO.