Our Staff

John Torgerson, Interim Federal Co-Chair, Denali Commission

Direct: 907-271-1440 – jtorgerson@denali.gov
John Torgerson was appointed in June 2018 by the U.S. Commerce Secretary. As the interim federal co-chair Mr. Torgerson serves as the Commission’s Agency Head, acts as a tiebreaker in any Commission votes and accepts the Commission’s annual work plan.

Jay Farmwald, Director of Programs

Direct:  907-271-1413 – jfarmwald@denali.gov
Jay Farmwald is responsible for directing and overseeing the programs of the Commission.  He supervises the program and grant staff.  Mr. Farmwald serves as a member of the senior management team.

Corrine Eilo, Chief Financial Officer

Direct:  907-271-1424- ceilo@denali.gov
Corrine Eilo is responsible for directing and overseeing the administrative, fiscal and human resource management of the Commission.  She supervises the administrative and financial staff and has oversight of contracted services that support the agency across all programs.  Ms. Eilo serves as a member of the senior management team.

John Whittington, General Counsel

Direct: 907-271-1640- jwhittington@denali.gov
John Whittington is the general counsel for the Commission. He is responsible for the agency’s ethics program and serves as the legal advisor to the agency on all matters. Mr. Whittington serves as a member of the senior management team.

Teresa Cortes, Support Assistant

Direct: 907-271-1414 – tcortes@denali.gov
Teresa Cortes is responsible for greeting visitors in the Anchorage office, answering and directing phone calls and correspondence, booking conference rooms, and providing general administrative support.

Tom Wolf, Energy, Bulk Fuel and Transportation Program Manager

Direct: 907-271-5232- twolf@denali.gov

Don Antrobus, Village Infrastructure Protection Program Manager

Direct: 907-271-3500 – dantrobus@denali.gov

Jocelyn Fenton, Program Manager

Direct: 907-271-4714 – jfenton@denali.gov

Kristen Arnold, Program Specialist

Direct: 907-271-5239 – karnold@denali.gov

Janet Davis, Grants Officer

Direct: 907-271-3036- jdavis@denali.gov

Judy Herrick, Contracting Officer Representative

Direct: 907-271-3099- jherrick@denali.gov

Beth Flowers, Senior Financial Officer

Direct: 907-271-1803- bflowers@denali.gov

Molly Penney, Financial Officer

Direct: 907-271-1192- mpenney@denali.gov

Anne Stanislowski, Administrative Officer

Direct: 907-271-3011- astanislowski@denali.gov

Elinda Hetemi, Human Resources Officer

Direct: 907-271-3415 – ehetemi@denali.gov