Pursuant to the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), and federal funding partners, the Denali Commission (Commission) and its grantees are required to adhere to the following funding requirements. Specific funding requirements will be identified in the award conditions agreement between the Commission and the grantee.

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) Implementing Procedures and Categorical Exclusions

OMB Guidance

Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Title 23

Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR)

Recipient Guidelines and Requirements 

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For questions relating to GrantSolutions specifically, please contact the GrantSolutions Help Desk at 866-577-0771 or 202-401-5282, or email

Sand Point new harbor float.
Sand Point new harbor float.


The Denali Commission staff is happy to assist you with any additional questions you might have. If your question is related to funding opportunities, questions surrounding an award you have received from the Denali Commission, request for funding reimbursement, or completing a progress report, please contact any of our Program Managers listed below.


Tom Wolf, PE, PMP- Direct: 907-271-5232


Tom Wolf PE, PMP- Direct: 907-271-5232 -

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Grantees awarded funding from the Denali Commission are required to upload the following forms into GrantSolutions. Grantees should work with their program managers to determine which forms to use.

The Training Program was last funded in 2009. Applications for new training initiatives are no longer being accepted.

Jay Farmwald, PE - Direct: 907-271-1413 - 

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The Denali Commission has two electronic, online systems for Grant Management; GrantSolutions for processing proposed awards and post award amendments, and the Commission’s Project Database for reporting progress on funded awards.

Akihok tsunami shelter road project
Akihok tsunami shelter road project


The Commission utilizes GrantSolutions to manage the electronic processing of every award from start to finish. Access to GrantSolutions is limited to individuals from grantee organizations identified in the award agreement. The public does have access to awards funded by the Commission via the Project Database System.

The Commission’s Project Database is an integrated, online management reporting and tracking tool for Commission projects. The Project Database is used to manage the electronic reporting of award data by recipients, and is also available to the general public to view every award and project funded by the Commission. This database provides all project information, and encourages public viewing and sharing of information particularly through the reports module function. The Project Database also enables Commission staff to manage projects through the use of milestones and retrieve “at-a-glance data” of major project criteria including: the scope, award, theme, schedule, budget and reporting.

All award recipients must adhere to the Commission’s terms and conditions outlined in their award agreement for reporting. The Commission's online Project Database is the tool used for submitting all progress and closeout reports.

The Commission has created the following step-by-step instructions for grantees for both GrantSolutions and the Project Database. If you need additional assistance please contact one of the program managers.

Grant Solutions Instructions

Instructions for Accessing the Denali Database

Denali Commission Report Due Dates


Completed 270 requests should be emailed to

Download the reimbursement request form

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