Advisory Committees

Denali Access System Program (Transportation) Advisory Committee

The Denali Access System Program Advisory Committee, also known as the Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), is composed of 9 members appointed by the Governor of the State of Alaska. Members of the TAC represent regional Native corporations, Native nonprofit entities, tribal governments, rural Alaska regions or villages, and includes the Denali Commission’s Federal Co-Chair.
The TAC is responsible for advising the Commission on surface and waterfront transportation needs of Alaska Native villages and rural communities. This includes projects for the construction of essential access routes within communities as well as for the construction of roads and waterfront facilities necessary to connect isolated rural communities. The TAC advises the Commission on considerations for coordinated transportation planning among Alaska Native villages, rural communities, the State, and other government entities. Finally, the TAC provides funding recommendations to the Commission on transportation projects to ensure these funds support the many transportation needs found across Alaska.

Committee Members

Chuck Pool, P.E., R.L.S. – Pool Engineering, Incorporated
Loren Leman, P.E. – Leman Consulting
William Ware – Tlingit & Haida Central Council
Rex Rock Jr – Qinuisaaq, LLC
Frank Seludo – Village of Saxman
Andrew Guy – Calista Corporation
Tom Baker – City of Kotzebue
Kailey Erickson – TCC